Welcome to the hospitable mountain of Orpheus and Dionysius, of ancient Thracians, proud mountaineers, divine nature, magical songs and ancient legends. There are few places like this in Europe, where the nature and culture are in harmony like in that south Bulgarian Mountain.

Rhodopa Mountain is the birthplace of the ancient mythical Thracian singer Orpheus, whose music fascinated people, wild beasts and birds. Orpheus lives in the human’s memory as a symbol of space harmony with the nature and still enchants us with his generous, selfless love for Eurydice.

Rozhen is not one of the highest peaks in Rhodopa Mountain, but it is the most spiritual one, the mountain’s miracle. If someone once meets the dawn with the songs and dances of the Rozhen festival under the bright Rhodopean stars, he will be convinced forever that there, in that ancient mountain, live the descendants of Orpheus carrying his musical genius through the centuries.