The Solar Telescope

This telescope is mounted in the astronomic tower that has been especially built at the Rozhen NAO. In fact, there are two solar telescopes working together – a coronagraph and a spectral observation telescope. The 15-centimeter solar telescope-coronagraph is used to observe solar prominences. This will allow the development of physical models to interpret the physical nature of these phenomena. The second instrument, a 13-centimeter photosphere telescope, is used to identify changes in the physical parameters (magnetic fields, electron density, Doppler velocities, temperature and polarization) of active regions on the Solar disc.


Sector “Galaxies”

Head: Dr. G. PetrovPhysical processes in galaxies and systems of galaxies...

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Sector “Stellar clusters”

Head: Dr. A. AntovEvolutionary status of the stars in old open...

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Sector “Chemically peculiar stars”

Head: Dr. I. IlievHigh resolution, high signal-to-noise spectra are used to...

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Sector “Stellar atmospheres and envelopes”

Head: Dr. N. TomovThe physical processes in stellar atmospheres and circumstellar...

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Sector “Nonstationary stars”

Head: Dr. K. PanovNonstationary processes are being investigated in late-type stars,...

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Sector “Solar system”

Head: Dr. V. IvanovaDynamical evolution of the small bodies in the...

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