The 60-cm Cassegrain Telescope

The telescope is of the Cassegrain type and works with an electrophotometer to receive the light radiated by objects in the sky. It is used to research variable stars mainly, as well as for observation with the purpose of determining the physical characteristics of asteroids. Sometimes observations are made simultaneously with the 2-meter telescope.


Sector “Galaxies”

Head: Dr. G. Petrov Physical processes in galaxies and systems of galaxies...

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Sector “Stellar clusters”

Head: Dr. A. Antov Evolutionary status of the stars in old open...

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Sector “Chemically peculiar stars”

Head: Dr. I. Iliev High resolution, high signal-to-noise spectra are used to...

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Sector “Stellar atmospheres and envelopes”

Head: Dr. N. Tomov The physical processes in stellar atmospheres and circumstellar...

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Sector “Nonstationary stars”

Head: Dr. K. Panov Nonstationary processes are being investigated in late-type stars,...

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Sector “Solar system”

Head: Dr. V. Ivanova Dynamical evolution of the small bodies in the...

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